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Where does Spider-Man: Freshman Year fit into the MCU? Producer answers

When announced a few months ago, Spider-Man: Freshman Year had the promise of showing the canonical origin of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Naturally, expectations arose for appearances by Uncle Ben and other familiar figures from the comics to show up.

As it turns out, during the San Diego Comic-Con, a very different concept ended up being shown to the public, and the most important one involving Norman Osborn.

The future Green Goblin will be used as the hero’s mentor, replacing the figure of Tony Stark.

When asked about this, Brad Winderbaum, Marvel Studios’ head of streaming, seems to have confirmed that this is indeed an alternate reality, outside of Earth-616.

“Well, as we said, it follows the pattern that you see in Captain America: Civil War, when Peter finds that broken Blu-ray player and goes into the apartment, where Tony Stark is waiting for him to offer him an internship at Stark Industries and take him to Berlin.”

He told Comic Book.

“However, because of things happening in the Multiverse, it is not Tony Stark who is waiting for him there, but Norman Osborn, who ends up sending him on an unexpected trajectory, colliding with many familiar characters and some surprising ones.”

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