Xolo Maridueña was chosen by Warner Bros. and DC to star in the superhero movie "Blue Beetle" without any tests. 

He tells the story in an unpublished interview published by The Hollywood Reporter. 

"At first, I had a little bit of imposter syndrome. 'My God, how do 

they know? I haven't read a single line of the script! How are they sure?" the actor recalls.

According to him, the invitation first came to lunch with Walter Hamada, head of DC Films. At the meeting, he 

learned about Blue Beetle. Then, he had a meeting by Zoom with Hamada - still not knowing who else would be in the film. 

Everything was in the early stages. The executive just told him that he was not looking for 

"a face," but "a real person," because the job involved much more than what happens in front of the cameras. He became even more nervous.

He calmed down when the work finally began. Xolo says that he felt very welcome on the set: "This is what I was talking 

about: 'Blue Beetle' is not about becoming the next leading man or the biggest star. It's just to show people, 'hey, these 

Latino stories don't have to be just about drug dealers or crossing the border or being a gang member. 

You can be portrayed in a positive way,'" he comments. "Blue Beetle" will be the first Latino superhero in a DC movie.