Through his YouTube channel, Will Smith, has apologized for the first time to Chris Rock since the incident at t

he Academy Awards, when he assaulted the comedian over a comment he made about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Finally the actor made a video and apologized to Rock for attacking him, and also apologized to the comedian's family.

However, the video has been the target of criticism from some internet users, who claim that the actor used clip to promote the water brand that his son

Jaden Smith, founded in 2015, "Just Water", which sells bottled water, whose goal is to create ecological awareness and replace plastic bottles with more sustainable ones, to help the environment.

On the table next to the actor a bottle of water from Just Water had been strategically placed, and is seen at different times, during the nearly six minutes

that the video lasts.Many users on Twitter and YouTube criticized the actor, calling his apology 'completely fake'. "Just Water on Will Smith's apology video. Totally unnecessary captious publicity," said one internet user.

"Will Smith advertising his own bottled water company during his apology video makes this completely fake," commented another.

"My favorite part of Will Smith's apology video was the tactical placement of 'Just Water,'" spoke another.

"Will Smith was super sincere in his apology video, but it will still make his son's watermark take off. Have to add #WaterPartner in the description for legal reasons," were some of the comments.