Hulk Woman: Defender of Heroes is the next Marvel Studios series coming to Disney+. Its first episode will premiere on the streaming service in exactly

2 weeks, on Thursday the 18th. Being right around the corner from the premiere, it remains for us to see if fans will be happy with the series itself, involving script, direction, and performances.

After all, one thing that seems to be hard to reverse at this point is the flood of negative reviews towards the

special effects of the series. The criticism started immediately after the first trailer for the series was released a few months ago.

Since then, if fans were already unhappy with the MCU's CGI from the beginning of Phase 4, this was the moment where it became hard to hide

and defend. Verdona's effects have been compared to Shrek's Fiona and even cartoonish graphics games like The Sims.

While it's obvious that special effects are not synonymous with the quality of a film and series, it's hard to deny that the CGI, and physics, texture, and

movements of Hulk Woman are strange to say the least. Or that feeling that it could be better.

This controversy was the trigger for complaints that started with scenes there in Black Widow. And went through films like Spider-Man: No 

Way Home and then on to the Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel series. Even Doctor Strange's third eye during Multiverse of Madness was criticized.