Soon after the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth, who, according to

Buckingham Palace, passed away "peacefully," many doubts arose, especially regarding the cause of the monarch's death.

The Queen was last seen in public on Tuesday as she welcomed new Prime Minister

Liz Truss to Balmoral, and just one day before her death, she had to cancel a virtual meeting of her Privy Council.

Buckingham Palace has not yet issued any official information about the cause of Elizabeth

II's death, and it is unlikely that there will be no official announcement. This is because 

when it comes to personal matters, especially those related to the health of royalty, the Crown follows the protocol of not going into details.

Let's remember that Prince Philip, the Queen's husband who died in April last year at the age of 99, no such announcement

was ever officially made. About a month later, British press outlets revealed that they had had access to the Duke of 

Edinburgh's death certificate and that the cause of death had been recorded as "old age" by the head of the royal medical household, Sir Huw Thomas.