WandaVision was Marvel Studios' first venture into streaming in early 2021, and was the

studio's first production to debut after a hiatus of more than a year because of Pandemic.

The series, among other things, tells the story of Wanda having her perfect happy

life, including her twin sons, the fruit of her Chaos Magic, who were created by her powers.

And now, just like Wanda in WandaVision, another actress from the Marvel series will be

a mother! The actress in question is Teyonah Parris, who played 

SWORD agent Monica Rambeau, who will return in Captain Marvel 2.

The actress announced her pregnancy on her Instagram by posting an adorable photo with her husband James, next to her belly and a positive pregnancy test.

"We are pregnant!!! I am so excited to share that we have a baby on the way. There have been so many feelings since

we learned that our dream of becoming parents is finally a reality. My husband, James, and I have felt a mixture of 

shock, a lot of nervousness, but most of all so much excitement! Seeing the word GRACEFUL was an amazing feeling! We are so blessed and so grateful."