Recently, Errol Musk gave an interview to the Australian radio station 2DayFM and shared some controversial

opinions about his personal life, to say the least. In the occasion, Elon Musk's father stated that he is not proud of his eldest son and, furthermore

stated that his beloved son Kimbal Musk is his youngest. Contrary to expectations, the statement is not surprising and only confirms an old and discreet "clash" in the family of billionaires.

Because he values discretion in his personal life, there are few public facts revealed about Elon Musk's past, especially when it comes

to his family. Thus, the main "evidence" in this so-called clash are the personal accounts about father and son, which ended up forming a kind of "contradictory puzzle" over the years.

Possibly, the problems in the Musk family started early, as early as the mid-1980s. In this period, Errol

had recently divorced his wife, Maye, and Elon was still a teenager. But the most relevant event in this 

context is the alleged purchase of an emerald mine in Zambia, which would have exponentially increased the

family's financial situation - already quite fortunate, thanks to the patriarch's background as an engineer.