Twitter's lawsuit against Elon Musk over his decision to terminate its $44 billion acquisition 

deal will go to trial on October 17 and will last five days, a judge in the US state of Delaware has ruled.

Judge Kathaleen McCormick, who is overseeing the case, issued the order for the trial dates on Thursday. 

After McCormick previously ruled in favor of Twitter that the trial could be expedited and take place in 

October, the two sides continued to argue over the exact start date, with Twitter pushing for it to begin on October 10.

Musk's legal team had initially requested that the trial take place in 2023.

Twitter's legal team argued that it was necessary to expedite the case to limit the "damage" to its business 

and ensure that the settlement could be completed before October 24, the date by which the two sides had previously agreed to settle.

Twitter filed a lawsuit against Musk earlier this month in Delaware Chancery Court in an effort to force the billionaire Tesla

CEO to fulfill his agreement to buy the social media company after Musk said he wanted to terminate the deal.