The relationship between Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul seems to be consolidated

and proof of that is that they spend as much time together as possible. Even though they

live in different continents, both manage to see each other whenever they have a free schedule.

Through the stories of her official Instagram account, Tini Stoessel shared a postcard with 

Rodrigo De Paul, Fran Stoessel and a friend. According to what they shared from that night, the four of them went out dancing together.

The four shared the same image that was taken by the singer, however, none of them added a single word, only

emojis. It is evident that the artist and De Paul can no longer spend much time apart, otherwise they miss each other, as

the player of the Argentina National Team showed in his networks days ago.

The athlete no longer hides his feelings and shouts them to the four winds, while Tini prefers

to keep it private and in the case of declarations of love from her partner, she only responds with emojis.