Thor: Love and Thunder may have divided public opinion, but it is undeniable that the film, in its post-credits

scene, introduced us to one of the characters who may become one of the most important in the MCU.

The character in question is Hercules, son of Zeus, also seen in the newest Thor movie. During the scene he is

sent after Thor, by his father, as a form of revenge for the god of thunder having almost killed him.

This appearance, while quick, opens doors to a great future for Hercules within the MCU, and in a Q&A session at a screening of the film, director

Taika Waititi said that Hercules' introduction will be "opening up a whole new thing," something he "won't be invited to be a part of."

"And so it's like, we're introducing Hercules, and um, that didn't make sense to me, I didn't even know it was a Marvel character, but um

apparently it is, and um... It was good, I know it's opening up a whole new thing, uh, that I won't be invited to come and be a part of, but I'm happy for everyone who loves the Greek gods."

Although the director hints that the future of Hercules is not in his hands, it is very likely that the fifth Thor film 

will happen with his return in the director's chair, to complete the new trilogy of the god of thunder in its new era in the hands of Taika Waititi.