After having launched the perfect shoes for training, we find out how Kendall Jenner does 

her workouts and maintains the body of millions. Gunnar Peterson, one of Hollywood's 

most sought-after personal trainers, revealed the plan. Working with the Kardashian-Jenner 

family for 22 years, he revealed in an interview with Women's Health UK, that 

they all have very different bodies and, therefore, each one does specific exercises.

If you dream of training like one of the women with the most followers on the Internet, pay attention to this efficient 

routine from the supermodel. Of course, every body is a body and no promise is made that you will get a belly 

like hers, but we guarantee that it will be a good experience. Since the 26-year-old 

influencer "is naturally athletic and can pick up movements well," says Gunnar

Peterson, she chooses to work her upper body more. In all there are six sets of exercises with several repetitions.