"In January 1936, his grandfather, King George V, passed away. The succession to the throne then passed to his eldest son, crowned as Edward VIII. 

Edward VIII's reign was very short because he decided to abdicate the British throne for personal reasons. He was in a relationship with Wallis Simpson, a divorced American woman.

Edward VIII's decision to marry Simpson created a serious problem in the British monarchy. English society at the

time was extremely conservative, and marrying a divorced woman was not at all well regarded. Realizing that problems of all sorts would occur if he married her, Edward VIII decided to abdicate.

Thus, in December 1936, Elizabeth's father assumed the throne as George VI. This made Elizabeth the immediate

successor if her father died or abdicated the throne. Since George VI had no male children, Elizabeth followed as direct heir. At that point she was almost 11 years old."

"One of the well-known and prominent moments in Elizabeth's life was her participation in WWII as a volunteer

with the Auxiliary Territorial Service. This was a grouping of women who volunteered in the British Army and did a variety of jobs. He received training as a driver and as a mechanic.

When the Allies won World War II, Elizabeth II was 19 years old. Her biographers report that on the day of victory in

Europe, she and her sister took to the streets of London to celebrate the defeat of the Nazis. 

Throughout the period of the Second War, Elizabeth exchanged letters with the man who became her husband, Prince Philip."