Taylor Swift is still all mysterious with her new projects! Nobody knows if there will be new albums and

singles, what we do know is that the blonde continues re-recording her latest albums after problems with 

her old record label. On Wednesday night (17), a new revelation shocked the industry! Scooter Braun sold the diva's first six albums for almost half a million dollars.

The story begins, when Swift decides to re-record her original hit albums after Scooter Braun , the powerful

manager of artists like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, bought her catalog of six albums from the Big Machine 

The American singer had a personal conflict with Braun and was upset that the purchase took away her rights

to her masters, which are the recordings that can be played on streamings, CDs, movies, series and in other places to which they can be assigned.

However, the lyrics and musical composition of these songs can be contractually separated from the phonograms

which is the case with Taylor, and so she is re-recording her latest albums, now on a new label, Universal Music (under the Republic Records label).