Before starring in "Hulk Woman: Defender of Heroes," Tatiana Maslany had tried to 

star in other Marvel projects, but had been rejected by the studio. Known for 

her multiple roles in the series "Orphan Black," the actress revealed that she tried to participate in "Venom "(2018).

In an interview with the "Comedy Bang Bang" podcast, the performer told that she

tried to be part of Marvel's Cinematic Universe a few years ago, but only now succeeded. "I was rejected several times. I tried to do 'Venom. Not Venom himself," she explained.

"It was for his girlfriend or something like that. Not Eddie Brock, just Venom, the symbiote. 

She was cut," he joked. The role mentioned is Anne Weying, the anti-hero's romantic interest in the story, who ended up with Michelle Williams.

Breaking the fourth wall in "Hulk Woman: Heroes' Advocate," the actress is Jennifer Walters, a single lawyer in her 30s. 

She ends up receiving a blood transfusion by mistake from her cousin, Bruce Banner, the Hulk, and is also transformed into an emerald giant.