Stranger Things Jamie Campbell Bower reveals what to expect 

Interpreter of the great villain of the fourth season of Stranger Things, Jamie Campbell Bower revealed what to expect

from the return of Vecna in the Netflix original series. It's worth noting that the fifth and final season of the production is due to hit streaming only in 2024.

"He's upset, he's properly pissed off. I don't think he got away with licking his wounds in

misery," the actor said during an interview with NME. "He's rebuilding and in for blood. 

It's like, you've really pushed the buttons now, that classic Jason Voorhees [villain from the Friday the 13th movies] thing - you've made a big mistake."

In the fourth season of Stranger Things, Vecna wanted to impose his own worldview on

humanity, but was interrupted by Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), and is now seeking retribution: "Uncontrollably, yeah, I think revenge is a

big part of that. One of the things I always said to myself and wrote down [while preparing for the role] was, 'You took everything from me, now it's my turn to take everything from you.'"

"Before Eleven sends him off to die in the Inverted World, he is left alone in this space for a long, boiling time, with no one to talk

to," continued Jamie Campbell Bower. But while revenge plays a big part in his relationship with her, I think hher 

with him and live in a different way because she's a part of him, and he recognizes himself a lot."e probably still wants to take