Stalker is arrested again for stalking Ariana Grande

A man who has already been arrested for stalking Ariana Grande has been arrested again 

 this time after breaking into her Montecito home on her 29th birthday.

Aharon Brown has a history of stalking Ariana. He was arrested last September

at her home in Los Angeles after showing up with a large hunting knife , allegedly yelling 

at her security guard, "I'm going to kill you and her!" He was arrested for making 

criminal threats and a judge issued a restraining order prohibiting him from going anywhere near Ariana.

That didn't stop him. He violated the restraining order recently by trying to find Ariana and

apparently got close. He was supposed to turn himself in on 

Tuesday for violating the restraining order, but on Sunday he traveled to Montecito and broke into her home.

Sources with direct knowledge told TMZ that on Sunday, Brown somehow

broke into Ariana's Montecito home. She was NOT home at the time, but the 

security alarm went off and officers showed up and arrested Brown.