Timothée Chalamet may have dominated the first half of the Venice Film Festival, causing a special frenzy when he 

appeared on the red carpet in a garish look that was pure androgyny. But in this final stage of the event, which will close

Saturday (9/10), almost no one remembers the "Bones and All" star anymore. Almost all 

girlfriend Olivia Wilde's film "Don't Worry, Honey," which screened out of competition on Monday (9/5).

The plot has details that, if revealed, could ruin the spectator's experience. So it is only fitting here to say that the

feature shows a group of young housewives who devote themselves to taking care of their

husbands while they work on a secret project in an isolated town that is highly secure against outside threats.

Britain's Florence Pugh plays one of these women, Alice, and Styles plays her husband, Jack.

With sex scenes focusing on the protagonist's face, prioritizing female pleasure - Styles appears shirtless once, but you can barely see anything - 

and many passages showing families leading a seemingly conflict-free life, the feature aims to be 

a feminist-inclined dystopia, pointing out that not everything that seems perfect actually is in American society.