Today came to Disney+ the fourth episode of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes, the newest

Marvel Cinematic Universe series, again produced exclusively for streaming.

After a first episode that focused on the character's origin and her

relationship with her cousin Bruce/Hulk, and the second and third episode reintroduced 

us to Emil Blonsky/Abominable and also Wong, who continued his participation here in the 4th episode.

While Wong tackles a case involving Donny Blaze, Jennifer ventures into a dating app,

where she makes a success of creating a profile as the Hulk Woman. And in one of these encounters we may have seen the main villain of the series.

Eventually the character meets up with a character played by stor Jon Bass, who seeks to learn

about the physicality of Hulk Woman, including whether vibranium could puncture the heroine's skin. 

And according to journalist Grace Randolph, the version sent to the press lists the character's name as Todd/Hulk-Todd.