The next major Marvel Studios production to be released is Woman-Hulk: Defender of Heroes, which will be released this Thursday, August 18, on Disney Plus.

The series will be full of references to the MCU and special appearances by old acquaintances

as you can already notice from the officially released trailers and promotional videos.

And talking about all this explicit connection to Marvel's Cinematic Universe, the series' writer Jessica Gao

confirmed that we will have references and direct influences of events from Captain America: Civil War in the series.

More specifically, we should expect to hear more about the Sokovia Accords very soon.

She firmly noted that "the series will answer the question of everything that happened with the Sokovia Accords."

"Yes. Well, this show will answer the question of what happened to the Sokovia Accords.

That will happen at the end of the season, but you will get an answer to what really happened to the Accords."

If you don't remember, the Sokovia Accords require that all superheroes in