"Hulk Woman: Defender of Heroes," the series that introduces Jennifer Walters to the MCU, arrives in the catalog 

of Disney+ tomorrow, 18, however, the premiere will feature fewer scenes than planned, according 

to information provided by the showrunner, Jessica Gao, in an interview with Variety published last Tuesday, 16.

In the chat, Gao said that since the first steps in the development of the production she had been concerned

about the budget that would be allocated to CGI, since this technology is what makes the giant emerald heroine real on the small screen:

From the very beginning of scripting, I asked Kevin [Feige], 'How much can we do? Should I think hard about the cost 

of this? Give me some instructions and limits. All he said to me was, 'If we're going to do a Hulk Woman series, I want

to see Hulk Woman. That gave me carte blanche to write whatever I wanted, but I remember thinking, 'I hope he remembers this conversation, because when the budget comes in he can't blame me,'" Gao joked.

However, despite receiving carte blanche from the president of Marvel Studios, the showrunner revealed

Once someone had to sit down and do the math, every week we would get messages: 'Can you cut more of the

Hulk Woman scenes?', 'She can't be Jen in this scene?' A lot of things were changed at the last minute. Even during editing, we cut some of the Hulk Woman scenes."