Hulk Woman: Defender of Heroes is a peculiar project from Marvel that has attracted a very different kind of attention. 

The project already came as something unexpected, back in 2019 when it had been announced at D23 as part of the MCU series for the then unreleased Disney+.

Practically 3 years later, who would have thought that the series would arrive on streaming not only as a peculiar

project, but surrounded by controversy and LOTS of distrust. If there is already a tone of criticism for being a superheroine series, the hype went down the drain when we got the first trailer.

Which we don't even need to remind you, was received with a hail of valid criticism for the dubious 

and disappointing quality of the CGI. After all, why make a WOMAN-HULK series, an intrinsic CGI character, without CGI to match?

Time and no other promotional material has helped to dispel this bad mood between Marvel and its fans, who are going through their worst

phase. It's not just today, and the latest projects like Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Doctor Strange 2 and Thor 4 have reinforced the 'special effects crisis' that generates so much dissatisfaction.

So Marvel Legacy was honored to receive the FIRST 4 EPISODES of the series in advance. 

And with that came a tremendous relief, for lack of a better word, in the midst of so much discussion. But why a relief?

Well, it turns out that Hulk-Woman takes advantage of her quirkiness and gets it right in a way that seemed impossible. Since even

with CGI as disappointing as it was in the trailers, it manages to dodge its BIGGEST problem and obstacle, and still establish itself as one of Disney+'s most competent series.

While the effects highlight the worst moment in Marvel and the special effects industry and the entire

mass production of the MCU, EVERYTHING else in Woman-Hulk works and is ironically very well done.