We are finally in the premiere week of Woman-Hulk: Defender of Heroes, Marvel Studios' new series on Disney Plus which arrives this Thursday, the 18th.

The series has been causing a lot of controversy since the release of its first trailer a few months ago, due to the fact that the

look of the Hulk-Woman was made 100% in CGI and the result of the effects were not very pleasing to the fans.

After the controversy of the first trailer, the series received a new trailer during the San Diego Comic-Con, this time with a trailer better received by the fans, in general.

And now, during a press conference, the series' screenwriter and executive producer Jessica Gao revealed that the second

trailer caused some backstage confusion at Marvel with Marvel Studios

president Kevin Feige when she was asked about her memories of the studio's panel at the event:

"While we were watching the trailer [at SDCC], because Kevin [Feige] was next to me, we spent weeks fighting about what should

go in the trailer and what shouldn't. And so it was just the two of us shooting each other about our respective positions and the pieces that were in the trailer."