Can you imagine Jennifer Walters as an Avenger? According to Mark Ruffalo, that could be a possibility!

The revelation was made by the actor to The Hollywood Reporter amid jokes during the red carpet of the preview of "Hulk Woman: Defender of Heroes" in Los Angeles.

During the conversation, Tatiana Maslany, the interpreter of the emerald giant, said that, despite

having appearances by Bruce Banner, the series would be focused on her character, and 

then asked Ruffalo, the actor who brings the hero to life, to let her be the central Hulk for a year, since he has held the title for a decade.

In response, the actor relented and even suggested that Jennifer Walters be in 'Avengers: Kang Dynasty', a film due for release on May 2, 2025:

All right, you can have a year. No, she is the now, there will be no other Avengers without her."

The statement seems to have taken Maslany by surprise, since soon after she asked, "What?", receiving confirmation from Ruffalo: "That's what I'm hearing."

In addition to Rufallo and Maslany, the series will feature the return of Tim Roth (The Incredible Hulk) as 

the villainous Abominable, Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange) as Wong, and the MCU debut of Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) as the antagonist Titania.