It is a fact that Hulk Woman was born only as a female version of her famous cousin. However, in her 

more than 40 years, the character has traveled different paths than the Hulk and has conquered her own space within the Marvel Universe

with a lot of identity. With this background, it is hardly surprising that the heroine will repeat the feat in her solo series, which arrives on Disney+ this Thursday (18).

The various differences between her and the Emerald Goliath appear in the very first minutes

of Woman-Hulk: Defender of Heroes. The opening scene shows the everyday life of Jennifer 

Walters (Tatiana Maslany) as an excited, outspoken lawyer who can also break the fourth wall and speak directly to those watching.

After this introduction, the audience is invited to watch the origin of the character, to find out how she received her powers and

how she will use them. Such a choice, to show comedy and life in the courts before the superheroic

component, is not random. This is the way for the production created by Jessica Gao (Rick and Morty) to make clear what the priorities of the season are.

Not that the heroic side is ignored, on the contrary. The opening chapter of the series follows all the primer for a good origin

story and shines precisely because of its self-awareness. If the audience has already seen the origin of a Hulk, his

pains and ways to overcome them, what's the fun in repeating the trick? That's the brilliant part of the series: focusing on how Jennifer is different from Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo).