Showrunner Jessica Gao has revealed that many scenes from She-Hulk (or Woman-Hulk) were cut

or modified to decrease the series' CGI budget. In an interview with Variety, she explained how the process worked with Marvel Studios.

"From the very beginning of scripting, I asked Kevin [Feige], 'How much can we do? Should I think hard about the cost of this? Give me

some instructions and limits.' All he said to me was, 'If we're going to do a Hulk Woman series, I want to see Hulk Woman. That 

gave me carte blanche to write whatever I wanted, but I remember thinking, 'I hope he remembers this conversation, because when the budget comes in he can't blame me,'" Gao joked.

And indeed, as the production cost began to become more concrete, changes were made: "Once someone had to sit down and

do the math, every week we would get messages: 'Can you cut more of the Hulk Woman scenes?', 'She can't be Jen in this scene?' 

A lot of things were changed at the last minute. Even during editing, we cut some of the Hulk Woman scenes."

Gao also revealed that much of the events of the pilot episode of Hulk Woman originally wouldn't take place until the eighth episode

of the series. "We had thought about waiting until the end of the season to reveal her origin story. [...] But we realized that people would

want that information first. It's hard to invest in this character if you don't know where she came from," he added.