The wait for the Woman-Hulk series is almost over! Lawyer Jennifer Walters will make her Marvel Cinematic 

Universe debut this Thursday (18), and to raise fans' expectations, the average approval rating from critics at Rotten Tomatoes has been released.

With a very promising number, the average of the expert critics on the platform is at 87% so far. It is worth 

remembering that, as we are in the week of the series' release, the percentage may vary as new impressions from industry professionals emerge.

But what are the critics saying about Woman-Hulk? Joelle Monique of TheWrap says it's "a competent

adaptation of the character from the comics" and that "the series elevates everything that makes Woman-Hulk so fun to read."

Ed Power, of the Daily Telegraph, highlights the performance of actress Tatiana Maslany. For him, "Maslany is

more than capable in carrying the mix between Woman-Hulk's feminine strength and her heroic adventure. Whether in Hulk or human form, this green queen rocks."

Rolling Stone's Alan Sepinwall also congratulates Maslany's performance, stating that "Maslany's

self-aware sensibility and performance help both Hulk-Woman, and her series, create their own mark on the great MCU formula."

Variety's Caroline Framke, meanwhile, says that "while there is much to like and enjoy along this

journey, it's hard to put aside while watching Woman-Hulk the feeling that its approach is several years overdue."