Selena Gomez Announces Remix Version of Calm Down

She's back! After much speculation, Selena Gomez finally announced the

release of her partnership with Rena. And the revelation

came full of news this Monday (22). With a post on Instagram

the singer revealed that the work is a remix for the track "Calm Down", present in the 

discography of the Nigerian artist. Ah, and there is even a teaser of the song, see?!

The news, which was already expected by fans, was confirmed by

Selena, where the star, who has just turned 30, says that the collab has a release date of this Friday (26).

In addition to a preview of the new version, the voice of "Hands To Myself" 

shows the meeting with the singer and talks about the happiness of being part 

of the project, which marks her return to music after the 

partnership with Coldplay in "Let Somebody Go". "So excited about this (song)," Gomez wrote in the video's caption.