Robert Downey Jr.'s years of playing his iconic Iron Man came to an end in Avengers: Endgame.

Soon the most epic film in the MCU, as well as the pinnacle of our original Avenger's heroism.

The actor turned his career around and helped build the Marvel Studios empire.

By the end given, sacrificing himself to kill Thanos, we all thought that it was indeed the actor's farewell and that there would be no turning back.

Only by the looks of things, nothing is that final, at least at Marvel Studios. 

Last year we had the surprising rumor that Chris Evans would be negotiating 

to return to the MCU, reinforcing an old rumor that Captain America from HYDRA might be in Doctor Strange 2.

In addition, several rumors are surfacing that Downey Jr. WANTS to return to Marvel.

Now, another rumor has surfaced via journalist Daniel Richtman, who says the actor sees no problem starring in a SERIES for Disney+.