It took a while, but finally Rihanna managed to sell her mansion in the Hollywood Hills, a neighborhood

in Los Angeles, in the United States. The singer went through some troubles in the place, which 

resulted in the desire to detach. However, she ended up leaving in the loss, as she lost about $ 2 million of the amount she disbursed in the purchase of the property, back in 2017.

According to the website, known for reporting the buying and selling of famous people's homes, the mansion 

is considered a mini-complex built in the neo-Mediterranean style. Rihanna bought it for $6.8 million, about $36 million.

The property has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and two restrooms located between the main house and the guest house.

In all, it is 659 square meters of pure elegance. Living room, kitchen, relaxation area, game room, pool, gym, and an incredible view of Los Angeles are also included in the million-dollar package!

At first, it seemed like a dream, but months after the purchase, still in 2017, Rihanna tried to sell it because 

the property was being invaded. An intruder managed to get in, spent the night in the place, before

being electrocuted and arrested by the police. Then, a second break-in attempt caused her to leave the house.