Red Hot Chili Peppers announced the tracklist for Return of the

Dream Canteen - the band's second album in 2022 - last Friday, December 12.

The project draws attention by the number of tracks: 17, divided into a double album.

Like its predecessor, Unlimited Love - released in April this year - the project is produced

by Rick Rubin and marks the first songs of the return of legendary guitarist John Frusciante.

"Tippa My Tongue" is expected to be the lead single, but there is no release date.

In February 2022, the band had promised to release two albums in the same year. "We'll be

releasing songs by the ton. Literally. Don't be surprised if another cart full of songs comes 

to you in the near future," Kiedis told NME. Frusciante agreed and 

mentioned "almost 50 tracks recorded" and produced in the Unlimited Love sessions.