King Charles III has passed orders declaring the day of Queen 

Elizabeth II's state funeral as a public holiday in the United Kingdom.

During his official proclamation ceremony as king this Saturday (10), Charles passed two orders declaring

the day of the Queen's state funeral as a public holiday in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland respectively.

The then Prince Charles immediately became king after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on Thursday (8).

However, the official proclamation of the accession took place early this Saturday morning (10) at a ceremony 

of the Accession Council at St. James's Palace in London. 

He will continue with his name, as did his mother, and will be King Charles III.

The two-part Council meeting proclaims the new sovereign and orders the king to sign an oath to uphold the safety of the Church in Scotland.

Charles did not attend the first part of the ceremony, in which he was formally proclaimed British monarch.