During a visit to Sydney, Australia, in 1986, Queen Elizabeth II wrote a letter addressed

to the mayor and the people of the city. The detail is that the contents can only be read in 2085.

According to the British press, there is an instruction in the letter to the future mayor of the city:

"Greetings. On a suitable day to be chosen by you in the year 2085

AD, please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of Sydney my message for them."

The letter - which at the Queen's request, has never been read - is stored in the Queen

Victoria Building, a shopping center opened in 1898, and which is located in the Australian city.

Queen Elizabeth II has visited Australia 16 times during her 70-year reign. The most

recent visit was in 2011. During the visits, Elizabeth II was addressed as Queen of Australia, not of

the United Kingdom. Elizabeth II is a constitutional monarch in Australia and does not hold a decision-making role in the government.

Upon the Queen's death, King Charles III became sovereign in the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries including Canada, New Zealand, and Jamaica.