This Thursday, (08/09), died, at 96 years old, one of the best known and revered personalities in the world, the Queen 

of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II. Elizabeth, or 'Lilibet', as she was called by her family and (very) close friends, was

also the head of state of the more than (see how many there are) member countries of the so-called 

British Commonwealth. She was the queen of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and dozens of other countries. The 

monarch had been on vacation at the palace in Balmoral, Scotland, since July 21 spending the summer, (info on death and etc.)

Reigning for 70 years and adored by the British, Queen Elizabeth II had been experiencing health and mobility 

problems since the end of 2021 and, because of this, always begrudgingly cancelled 

or adapted a number of official events. The British Queen "reigns but does not rule"; the

head of government is exercised by a prime minister chosen by parliament.