The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the largest franchise in Hollywood, so far already

boasting 29 movies and 7 TV series for Disney+, a number that will continue to grow for many years to come.

But the studio, like the whole of Hollywood, began to go through a whole new process 

during the pandemic, with COVID-19 requiring that new means exist in order for productions to continue happening.

As The Hollywood Reporter reported today, productions became more dependent on visual effects

and much of the work began to be done remotely, from home, which gave Marvel a major headache: leaks.

The article states that Marvel's biggest leaks, such as Andrew Garfield's moment in Spider-Man: Homeless

have come from friends or family members recording or taking a screenshot of some visual effects worker at home.

Some steps taken by Marvel, for example, was the creation of the "Black Widow Room" in their studios, a room that does not even 

have an internet signal and is used to discuss big plans. New training has also begun for the visual effects companies, so that they can report any suspicious behavior.