Police close airspace for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's wedding

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez's relationship, which is in

a second phase is going very strong. The two secretly got married in

Las Vegas last month, and Lopez confirmed that they got married after the fact. 

"We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is gentle. And it turns out that 

love is patient. Twenty years of patience," Jennifer Lopez wrote.

Now, the couple has had a more official wedding 

at Ben Affleck's estate in Georgia, and it seems Affleck didn't take 

any chances. According to reports in The Daily Mail, the Gone Girl

actor got a permit to make his property a no-fly zone during the event. 

The zone extended for a three-mile radius around Affleck's home.

These are not the only precautions that were taken. A police car was 

parked at the entrance to the property and security 

guards handed out wristbands to guests who are on the list.