Olivia Rodrigo sings along with A-ha mashups

Mashups at Tik Tok are nothing new. There are a number of songs circulating the networks

in their version "mixed" with each other. This is the case of the track "good 4 you" by Olivia 

Rodrigo, in which internet users published a mashup with "Misery Business" by Paramore. 

The version went viral and many even accused Rodrigo of plagiarism, check out the version below.

TikTok allows a lot of artists to viralize on the platform by putting together

the most different songs, revealing all the similarities between them. With this in mind, we have separated the most unusual ones.

After "Misery Business" and "good 4 u" the other songs by Olivia Rodrigo also got their versions "mixed" with other songs. Check it out below.