Olivia Rodrigo is photographed taking classes at university

Just because Olivia Rodrigo had a number one album in the music charts at the age of 18 doesn't

mean she will give up her studies. The singer was spotted taking music production classes at a university.

The images, recorded by classmates of the artist, began circulating on social networks on Wednesday (31). Apparently

Rodrigo - known for her acid teenage compositions - is brushing up on her musical knowledge at the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California (USC).

Students at the university are amazed by their new celebrity colleague. In the photos posted so far, Rodrigo appears

to be paying attention in class. Good student! In the past, the USC college band has performed a version of Olivia's "Good 4 u" during college soccer games.

Olivia is probably balancing her studies with the production of her next studio album. She recently appeared in a 

photo in the studio alongside her music producer, Dan Nigro, with whom she worked on her debut album, "Sour." 

In July, the owner of the hit "drivers license" wrapped up her first tour of the United States and Europe.