Do you get Deja Vú, Olivia Rodrigo? Apparently, yes. Recently, the Grammy-winning singer got confused on TikTok when she saw a look-alike.

In the video, the young woman appears dressed almost as carefully as the singer. Wearing a purple

mini dress, black boots with knee socks and Olivia's traditional markings, braids and sunglasses to complete the "Sour" look. The end result was so perfect, that the girl confused even Olivia Rodrigo herself.

Surprised at how much the girl looked like her, the 19-year-old singer commented in the video: "No, I thought she

was me too," Olivia wrote in the caption. To date, the viral video has accumulated more than 343,500 likes, thousands of comments, and hundreds of shares on the platform.

And Olivia wasn't the only one who was confused. Many fans who saw the video also commented on the 

resemblance, and those who saw it in person even came to believe that it was in fact the singer, asking for photos and videos with the girl.

"I thought she was Olivia when she came out of the bathroom and I was walking in," said one fan who saw her in Los Angeles.

"It took me halfway through the video to realize it's not really Olivia," commented another.

TikTok's sister, Aurea Ocampo, was quick to react to Olivia's comment in the video, and took the opportunity to

make a version of herself reacting to the comment while looking for books in a bookstore in the United States.