Olivia Rodrigo and Zack Bia are no longer together

It seems that Olivia Rodrigo's brief and secretive relationship with DJ Zack Bia has come to an end.

This is what US Weekly says, in a story published last Saturday (20).

A source close to the artists told the vehicle that scheduling clashes caused the couple to drift apart.

"Their relationship kind of fell apart. They were casually dating, but they couldn't spend time together," he said.

"There were no problems. They both have different work schedules and different groups of friends," the source continued.

Although the romance has been kept secret by the two, rumors began circulating on the web in February of this year when they when seen leaving a Super Bowl party together.

In the weeks that followed, pararazzi photographed Olivia and Zack walking together through the streets of New York City.

We are on the lookout! Will this little affair make for a good caning from Olivia? We'll see!