Even though she is "so tired of being 17," as she says in "Brutal, "Olivia Rodrigo doesn't seem to have fully

gotten used to adult life. The 19-year-old American singer revealed that she still hasn't learned how to deal with coming of age in an interview on The Late Late Show.

On the show, Rodrigo recalled when he was in London for the BRITs Awards and even visited a pub.

"They asked for my ID when I was walking in and I was like, 'oh my God, I can show them my real identity, that's amazing,'" he recalled.

Rodrigo added: "My friend who was with me was going through all her fake IDs to try to find the real one to

show the bouncer, but she was actually of legal age there. It was a lot of fun."

In the same interview, host James Cordon recalled that Rodrigo recently moved into his first apartment alone

and asked if the singer had adjusted yet with the new stage of life. "I didn't get used to it that well," he revealed.