Olivia Rodrigo has revealed that the next album will not be like Sour (2021), the singer's first studio 

album that received seven Grammy 2022 nominations and placed 11 tracks in the Billboard Top 40.

In an interview with Elle, she explained how she no longer identifies with the songs and that the new projects will have a different aesthetic.

"I'm definitely not as sad as I was when I wrote Sour," she stated. "I'm excited to make my next album and

explore more colors, textures, feelings and grow even more as a human being. I'm really looking forward to it."

Rodrigo explained that at the time she wrote tracks like "Drivers License" and "Traitor," it was hard for her to

listen to them and that she needed to "keep her distance from the songs," but that now it is "a lot of fun to sing them." "I'm actually very proud of them," she revealed.

She added: "I'm excited to sing them on tour and I hope the audience will sing them with me. I think when you

put them out in the world and they help people, make people happy... It's not even a little bit devastating anymore. It's a very empowering thing."