Four years after she released "Queen," Nicki Minaj has already promised a new album. Although there is no date 

forecast yet, she does not mince words in praising her work. She recently did a "Queen Radio" broadcast and

talked about the project. In her own words, it will be epic! In addition, the rapper says 

that she will no longer be waiting for an ideal moment and that she cares first and foremost about her fans.

"The album is going to be fucking epic. I was listening to the songs yesterday and I 

was falling more and more in love with the way everything is sounding now. About the music and about my fans," he said.

Nicki Minaj confesses that at some point she needed a reason to release an album - a song that would make

her more successful, for example. However, she realized that this is not the way to go and let things flow more naturally.

"I think at some point I was probably thinking too much and waiting, but I realized that it's so important to

have fun with life and as I always say: be in the moment. Try to be in the moment. And do your best," she said.