Nicki Minaj supports Britney Spears after singer's drama 

The "Anaconda" rapper defended the pop star after she feuded with her ex-husband 

Kevin Federline. More than a week after Kevin spoke publicly about the 

singer's relationship with her two sons - Sean 

Preston Federline, 16, and Jayden James Federline, 15 

Nicki criticized him during the broadcast of her Queen Radio show and called him a "clown."

Nicki is not the only famous person who supported Britney after

the drama with Kevin, whom she divorced in 2007 after two years of marriage.

When Britney - who had her 13-year guardianship terminated in November - shared some 

words of wisdom she heard from Jennifer Lopez in an 

interview with ITV News that the Grammy winner's bold 

social media posts were part of the reason why her children "decided not to find her at the moment."

Calling Kevin "irresponsible for making this public," Sam said on

Instagram Story on August 6, "My wife has never posted a nude

photo except of her buttocks, which is pretty modest these days. All other 

posts imply that she is naked and are easily compared to a moisturizer or soap advertisement."