Nicki Minaj has set a new record on Spotify with the success of her recent hit, "Super Freaky Girl." According to

Chart Data, the track has become the fastest solo female rap song to accumulate 

100 million streams on the platform. Minaj tweeted about the song's huge success on

September 16, thanking fans for their support and acknowledging 

the role that the numerous remixes played in maintaining the track's popularity.

"5 weeks in?!!!?!!!! Wow!!!!! That's amazing! Thank you!!!! The #QueenMix!!!! GO LISTEN!!!!!!," 

Nicki posted on Twitter. "Super Freaky Girl" was released on August 12 and prominently features Rick James' 1981 

sample "Super Freak." The track was included on Minaj's first greatest hits album, "Queen Radio: Volume 1."

Since its release, Nicki has released a remix, "Queen Mix," featuring City Girls rapper JT, BIA, Maliibu Mitch, Katie Got Bandz and Akbar. V.