In a recent live stream, rapper Nicki Minaj accused Billboard of changing the rules 

of the charts so that she and BTS don't reach the top of the charts. The reason? the power that the two fan

bases have. In an excerpt, Nicki Minaj explained that there are rules in the music industry that are created to ensure that certain things

don't happen again. "The rules were to make sure that never again in history could an artist or, in my

case, two artists, if you know what I'm talking about, who was being banned, be number one." the rapper said, without naming BTS directly.

Continuing her speech, Nicki Minaj explained that every time a group releases a song and fans try to help the

song succeed in an "unconventional way," those at the top don't like it. "So if we as a fanbase, or let's say BTS as a fanbase, that 

recently saw that happen. Every time we release a song, we can do what we do with 'Say So' or 'Trollz,' then

that takes the power out of someone's hand, and they don't like that. It's all about power here," said the rapper.

In March, Nicki talked about the same issue when she spoke with Joe Budden for a major interview. At one point 

in the conversation, Minaj expressed her problems with the way Billboard calculates points for their weekly charts. In 2020, Billboard

decided to 'completely eliminate the practice of counting joint album sales with products and concert tickets in its album and song charts. 

In an attempt to 'level the playing field for all artists,' the publication no longer counts sales of physical albums or singles bundled with other products.