Nicki Minaj went on Queen Radio for an episode to celebrate the release of the remix "Super

Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)" filled with special appearances on Thursday night (September 8).

"It's because everybody who is a ghostwriter now in Hip Hop who is writing for any woman

not only the artist, but the ghostwriter is also a Nicki fan," she said.

"Every ghostwriter who writes for women, before they write the verse, they think, 'What would Nicki Minaj say?' 

And if you disagree with that or dispute that, you're dumb as c******." One of the biggest 

songwriters and producers in the scene, Hitmaka joined The Neighborhood Talk comment 

section after they republished Nicki's comments and he disagreed with the rapper, but it shouldn't 

be taken negatively, as he believes her flow cannot be replicated by other artists.