Nicki Minaj has made history once again with the release of her new single "Super Freaky Girl," 

earning her the biggest solo debut by a female rapper in Spotify history. Despite the praise, social media critics wasted 

no time sharing their thoughts on the Hip Hop queen's new sound with one Twitter user calling Minaj "the biggest hypocrite," suggesting that the star's new music is for TikTok.

Nicki responded to the person, saying, "get off my ass. You idiot, what does Seeing Green have to do

with any music released after that, you dumb rubber ducky. I'm an obsession with you dirtbags. That's why we're breaking records 

now! Thank you all so much." . In the past, the "Do We Have A Problem" rapper has talked about artists making music strictly for TikTok and how she prefers to stick to traditional ways of promoting music.

One fan summed up Nicki's relationship with the popular app, saying, "[Nicki Minaj] can't help it if her

songs are so good. People on TikTok want to use them." Nicki responded, "Oh baby, you may have overreacted a little bit." The

release of Minaj's new single is not the only thing fans have to celebrate. Along with the news of Queen 

Radio's return, MTV recently announced that Nicki Minaj will be honored at this year's Video Music Awards with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.