Nicki Minaj refuses to listen and disapproves new version of 

Nicki Minaj has admitted that she has not listened to the newly released 

"A capella" version of her latest song, "Super Freaky Girl," and if she 

could, she wouldn't have even let it be released. The rapper took to 

Twitter on Thursday (August 19) with a link to the vocal-only version 

while admitting to fans that she refused to listen to the track. According 

to Nicki, if she had a chance, Minaj would not have given the green light for the release.

"I refused to listen to it. I don't think I ever released one a cappella... 

I knew if I heard it I probably wouldn't approve," Nicki tweeted. Interestingly, the link to the song is no longer 

working, as a "404 Page Not Found" message appears after clicking on it. Despite

how she feels, Minaj is aiming for the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her new single "Super Freaky Girl".