The news is very positive for Nicki Minaj, who just released the track "Super Freaky Girl". 

This Saturday (August 13) Spotify's most listened to songs lists were updated

and the result was great for the rapper. She not only reached great positions, but also broke records!

Now, "Super Freaky Girl" is the best debut by a (female) rapper with a solo

song in the Spotify charts in the US and also globally! How incredible, isn't it?

In the US, it narrowly missed out on #1, but #2 came with honors! There were 

1,573,025 streams there, a much celebrated performance and more than enough to break records.

On Spotify Global, which sums the performance of all the countries where the 

platform is available, the debut was a bit lower. 

The position was #13, with 3,021,816 plays. Making history is for the few, isn't it?