Nicki Minaj has made an appeal to her fellow rappers and their teams following the tragic death of PnB Rock.

The 30-year-old Philadelphia native was shot and killed during a robbery at Roscoe's House of Chicken & 

Waffles in Inglewood, California on Monday afternoon (September 12). According to police, Rock was at the 

restaurant with his girlfriend when a suspect approached them and demanded jewelry. After a 

verbal argument, the suspect fired several shots at the rapper, grabbed his jewelry and fled in a getaway 

vehicle. The "Fleek" hitmaker was rushed to a local

Following his death, Nicki Minaj was one of the Hip Hop stars who mourned PnB Rock's death on Twitter, the two artists 

worked on the song "Fendi" and Nicki thanked the artist for their time together. In addition, Nicki made a plea to other 

artists and their respective teams to avoid sharing on social media locations where they are at

the moment. In case you don't know, many are criticizing Rock's girlfriend, since she shared the location on social media minutes before everything happened.